Anger Management Group and Individual Coaching

Anger is a basic human emotion. It is used to express negative feelings such as fear, rage, unhappiness, discontent, depression, etc. We may have observed that individuals often gain attention, control, and influence when they get angry. Our expression of anger is a learned response; therefore, we can unlearn those behaviors and “retrain” ourselves.

Using the Anderson and Anderson Anger Management Curriculum, participants in this program will learn acceptable expressions of anger and to eliminate violent and self-destructive behaviors in their lives. You will learn to identify and control your own anger so that it does not become a destructive force. You will learn techniques to manage your anger and stress, increase emotional intelligence and improve communication.

I offer Adult and Adolescent Anger Management groups. Adult groups are gender specific; there is a men’s group and a women’s group. I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, for any reason.


Initial Assessment: $75

Workbook (purchase of workbook is mandatory): $35

Group: $30 per session

Individual coaching: $100 per session