Recovery Coaching and Consultation

Recovery Coaching is an ongoing professional relationship that helps individuals who are in or who are considering recovery from addiction to produce extraordinary results in their lives—while advancing their recovery from addiction. Recovery coaches believe that our clients nature is to move toward health. We do not promote or endorse any particular way of achieving or maintaining sobriety, abstinence, or serenity or of reducing suffering from addiction. Our focus is coaching our clients to create and sustain great and meaningful lives.

Coaching Support if You Are Still Using

If you want things to get better but you aren’t ready to quit, recovery coaching can help you decide what you’re willing to do right now to change your circumstances. Increasing engagement in positive activities, and learning harm reduction techniques to reduce your suffering are important. Even if you’re not ready to stop, a recovery coach can help you make better choices.

If you want to stop but don’t know what to do, a recovery coach can help you figure out what to do. We can help you get an assessment from an addiction specialist, find a 12-step meeting, or choose a treatment center. Some people can stop on their own without outside help and others need professional detox and treatment. Coaches are committed to supporting you in finding out what resources are available and helping you make the best choice for you.

Coaching Support in Ongoing Recovery

If you’re in long-term recovery, coaching can renew your outlook and energy. It may be time to face what has limited you. Coaching can help you with the stagnation that can come with long-term sobriety. Some of us become bored or rigid going to the same meetings, doing the same things, talking to the same people. We can help you make important changes in lifestyle such as exercising, eating well, or ending patterns of overwork and isolation A coach can help you remember what is important to you, how to have fun, what your dreams are, and how to create a life worth continuing to stay clean, sober, or abstinent for.


Initial assessment: $125

Monthly commitment: includes four 50 minute in-person or Skype sessions (depending on location); once weekly half-hour check-in phone call; and several texts/emails per week to check on progress: $500

In-person meetings or Skype sessions only: $100

Sober Companion or Sober Escort: Cost based on specifics of the situation